Qualifying floors are eligible for a warranty when RetroPlate is correctly applied to properly designed (concrete-mix) and placed concrete in accordance with recognized international and domestic concrete design and placement standards.  The warranty does not apply to structural faults that occur due to faulty workmanship, improper design or cracking and failure of materials other than RetroPlate.

Curecrete Distribution, Inc. stands behind RetroPlate with the only 10-year product and labor warranty offered in the concrete polishing industry.  As the original concrete polishing system, Curecrete is pleased to make available to floor owners the following warranties on verified RetroPlate treated floors:


Curecrete warrants that after the specified densifying and hardening period the RetroPlate treated floor will remain hardened, dustproof and water-repellant 20-years from the date RetroPlate is applied (as specified by Curecrete).

LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY (Extended Product Warranty for Using CreteClean Plus)

Due to the superior performance achieved by regularly using CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard and CreteClean Plus – Single Dose, concrete surfaces treated with RetroPlate can qualify for an extension of their original 10-Year Product Warranty to a Lifetime Product Warranty. Qualifying conditions apply.

 Have you recently completed a project with the Ashford Formula?  Submit your warranty request here.

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