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For floors enhanced by the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®, it is important to conduct a routine cleaning program to protect and preserve the finish of your floor.  Over the long term, a RetroPlate® floor will greatly reduce your maintenance costs, since the sealing properties of a RetroPlate densified floor will keep contaminants out.  And, you will not need expensive detergents or equipment to clean your floor!

All that is required to main your RetroPlate floor:

For more information on how to adequately clean and maintain your polished concrete floor, read our article “Prevent Dull Floors.”

With the most maintenance friendly floor available, the RetroPlate System is your best choice for concrete flooring solutions!


  • Retro-Plate

  • Main Brochure pdf
  • Maintenance pdf
  • Sample Comparison pdf
  • Warranty Sample pdf
  • Technical Info

  • 03660 Spec pdf doc
  • ANSI - B101.1 pdf
  • ANSI B101.3 pdf
  • Data Sheet pdf
  • CE Certificate pdf
  • Chemical Resistance Rating pdf
  • Electrical Conductivity Test pdf
  • HPD v1.0 pdf
  • HPD v2.1 pdf
  • LEED Indoor Emission Test pdf
  • Reach SDS (English) pdf
  • SDS (US) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-FR) pdf
  • SDS (DE) pdf
  • SDS (FR) pdf
  • Test 1: General Testing pdf
  • Test 2: Coeff. of Friction pdf
  • Test 3: Abrasion & Impact pdf
  • TUV SUD TM14 pdf
  • VOC EPA 24 pdf
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