RetroPlate International Workshop in Brunei, Hosted by BUE Enterprise

In March (2015), RetroPlate held a 3 day international conference in Brunei hosted by Chris Yong of BUE Enterprise.  The conference included participants from 9 surrounding countries and was featured in the Borneo Bulletin  on Sunday, March 29, 2015.

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Training & Education: The Key to Superior Quality

Here in Spain, the training and education continues under the direction of our European General Manager for RetroPlate, Toni Jimenez and his team.

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RetroPlate Contractor Wins “Innovation” (Repair/Rehab) Award

Justin Hill of Concrete Polishing Systems took on a unique challenge when a restaurant owner sought help for precast concrete tiles purchased in India.  The results are stunning, and it won Justin and his team the 2014 Innovation (Repair/Rehab) Award.

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Article – “Prevent Dull Floors”

Peter Wagner, Supporting Products Specialist for Curecrete Distribution, Inc. recently published an article in Concrete Construction magazine’s January 2015 issue on the topic of concrete floor maintenance. His article, “Prevent Dull Floors” focuses on educating clients and customers on how to maintain and properly clean polished concrete floors.

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RetroPlate® Floors Featured by Cuviello Concrete on

Jim Cuviello, of Cuviello Concrete, showcases polished concrete floors treated with the RetroPlate® System at the James M. Bennett High School in Salisbury, MD, USA as featured on

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Quality Floors Require Expert Training

We are committed to proper and qualified training, producing quality floors, and over-satisfied customers, and it’s all because we we work with applicators and distributors who believe this too.

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1st Annual Real Projects Calendar

Our 2014 Real Projects Calendars showcases the quality workmanship and talent of our applicators, representatives and distributors worldwide!

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RetroPlate Power in Brunei!

With a spiffy, new RetroPlate trailer, RetroPlate Brunei is making a huge splash!

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RetroPlate Joins Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) As Supporting Member

In January 2013, RetroPlate System® became a Supporting Member of the Concrete Polishing Association of America.

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