RetroPlate® Floors Featured by Cuviello Concrete on

| 02/17/2014

Jim Cuviello, of Cuviello Concrete, applied the RetroPlate® System on the James M. Bennett High School floor in Salisbury, MD, USA. In this article on, he speaks about the benefits of polished concrete and setting realistic expectations for the school and all those involved. (To read the complete article, click here).

Cuviello Concrete treated “41,000 square feet of corridors of uncolored concrete, a 7,000-square-foot black integrally colored cafeteria, 7,000 liner feet of edges, 463 corners and 3,159 linear feet of saw cut joints.”

This project was also recently featured in our 2014 Real Projects Calendar for the month of February.  We have attached that photo below, as well as other stunning photos provided by Cuviello Concrete of this particular project.

Photo Credits: CUVIELLO CONCRETE.  To view full-size photos, right click on the photo and select “view image.”






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