RetroPlate Contractor Wins “Innovation” (Repair/Rehab) Award

| 02/09/2015

Justin Hill of Concrete Polishing Systems took on a unique challenge when a restaurant owner sought help for precast concrete tiles purchased in India.  The results are stunning, and it won Justin and his team the 2014 Innovation (Repair/Rehab) Award.

Requiring a good amount of ingenuity and a bit of trial and error, Justin and his team “used a series of wet grit steps and dry resin grinding” and then densified the tiles with RetroPlate.   Afterwards, “the crew polished the floor to 1500 grit and performed two applications of RetroGuard to improve the stain resistance.”

Congratulations to Justin and his team for a job well done and a floor that not only looks good, but that is durable and highly functional.

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