RetroPlate International Workshop in Brunei, Hosted by BUE Enterprise

| 05/18/2015


BUE Brunei Newspaper 3-2015


Photo Credit: Borneo Bulletin


In March (2015), RetroPlate held a 3 day international conference in Brunei hosted by Chris Yong of BUE Enterprise.  The conference included participants from 9 surrounding countries and was featured in the Borneo Bulletin  on Sunday, March 29, 2015.

The conference focused on “sustainable concrete technology” and its benefits in creating a “superflat floor” for construction projects in Brunei. On the final day of the conference, BUE Enterprise invited notable guests  including “architects, engineers, designers and other professionals from various government ministries” to demonstrate the benefits and effects of polished concrete.

A warm thank you to Chris Yong and the BUE Enteprise team for hosting this international conference and continuing to promote the RetroPlate System in Southeast Asia!

You may read the full article on Borneo Bulletin’s website by clicking on the link below.


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