Retail/Automotive | Orem, UT, USA

“We have oil that gets tracked in everyday, we have bikes that actually come in here that are muddy and dirty and they’ll drain oil and gas onto the floor. We’ll put them in here on display and it’s just a matter of wiping up the mess. It doesn’t stain, so we are extremely pleased and we feel like it’s going to give us the performance that we’ve hoped for a long time to come.”

Jeremy Jensen
Vice President

Kaufman Lynn, Inc., General Contractors

Building Industry | Boca Raton, FL, USA

“As the General Contractor for two Whole Food’s Markets, Boca Raton and Fr. Lauderdale, we have had the pleasure of installing RetroPlate. It has proven to be a low maintenance, high shine product that is virtually indestructible. The final product in both cases is impressing clients and customers alike. I would highly recommend this product, and would use them again if the opportunity presented itself.”

Derek Musser
Project Manager

Volkswagen Canada, Inc.

Automotive | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The RetroPlate system has met and exceeded all of our needs and expectations. The application has decreased our maintenance requirements as well as our utility costs. Thanks to the light reflective properties of the RetroPlate system we were able to turn off 1/3 of our overhead lights, cutting our bottom line significantly. The air is free of dust and debris allowing my colleagues and I to work in a safe and healthy environment. The benefits of the RetroPlate system have been tremendous in providing a bright, clean, maintenance friendly, energy efficient, productive work environment for my colleagues and I.

I would highly recommend the RetroPlate system for any future projects.”

Tim Ryan
Facility Engineer

Ace Hardware Corp., Retail Support Center

Retail | New York, USA

“As the Facility Manager for an 800,000 sq. ft. Ace Hardware Retail Support Center we have used both Retro Plate and Retro Clean. We used Retro Plate after removing 557,000 sq. ft. carbonized concrete flooring. The result was absolutely incredible. The more we use it the better it looks! What made this product so appealing was the fact that the quick drying time allowed to keep our building open while we fixed our floors. We use the Retro Clean on the floors daily. It cleans very well, and of course conditions our floors as well. We just did some rack reconfiguration in the warehouse and had Retro Plate put on the floor that had previously been under racking and it looks great also.

I would and have recommended this product to any company interested in treating their floors.”

Paul D. Dwyer
CPP Facility Manager

Construction Management Consultants, Inc.

Building Industry | Sandy, UT, USA

“From the first time I used it which was about 11 years ago, I’ve tried to use it in almost every project that I have built. I’ve put it in car dealerships, I’ve put it in warehouses, I’ve put it in distribution centers, retail space, restaurants; it’s a fabulous product. The other thing that really appeals to me with the RetroPlate is the cost benefit. You can get such a fantastic looking floor for such a low price compared to so many other products out there. And the other products out there have so many problems with them where they can fail.”

Jeffrey H. Davis

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