The Original Concrete Polishing System – Nearly 20 Years

The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System® began as a way of removing old, worn out coatings and providing owners and facility managers with long-term solutions. Rather than simply covering the floor, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. looked for ways to use and enhance the existing concrete. By chemically treating the floor and polishing the bare concrete, the RetroPlate System created a highly abrasion resistant, dustproofed, polished and very aesthetic floor that is easy to maintain. This was the long-term solution many in the concrete industry were looking for! After countless hours of research and development, laboratory and field testing, the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System was unveiled as the first concrete polishing system in the market, and birthed the concrete densification-polishing industry.

As the RetroPlate System was used to refurbish and retrofit existing floors, owners, architects and others involved began to realize that this system would be ideal for newly constructed floors. They began to specify the RetroPlate System on their new floors, creating the ideal flooring finish while avoiding the coating and covering pitfalls of traditional methods. The RetroPlate System quickly evolved into a system for new concrete.

The RetroPlate System is now used in new construction, on existing floors, and in conjunction with acid staining, integral color, shake-on hardeners, as well as cementitious terrazzo. The natural look and feel of polished and protected concrete is a perfect combination of old world construction and charm and modern technology and convenience.


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