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Two RetroPlate Floors Win 2012 Polished Concrete Awards

| 01/10/2013



ConcreteConstructionMagazine 2012 ConcretePolishing Awards (Blog Photos)

ConcreteConstructionMagazine 2012 ConcretePolishing Awards (Blog Photos)2


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Advanced Floor Products and the RetroPlate® System are proud to announce that two RetroPlate® projects have won awards in the 2012 Concrete Surfaces Magazine – Polished Concrete Awards forEXPRESS Headquarters and Laurie’s Hair & Spa in the Commercial and Retail categories.



ConcreteConstructionMagazine 2012 ConcretePolishing Awards (Blog Photos)3

The EXPRESS Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio required the removal of stone tiles and 1/2-inch thin-set just to expose the bare concrete.  The applicators for the project, Final Touch of Blacklick, Ohio,  ground the concrete surface, exposing large river rock, applied RetroPlate® to the floor and finished the process by polishing the concrete.

*For more information on this project and to view more photos, visit our Case Studies – Commercial page.


ConcreteConstructionMagazine 2012 ConcretePolishing Awards (Blog Photos)4

ConcreteConstructionMagazine 2012 ConcretePolishing Awards (Blog Photos)5

With a grand opening already on the calendar, and a floor that needed a great deal of rehab work just to prepare it for the concrete polishing process, Laurie’s Hair & Spa in Ladson, South Carolina put her contractor to the test.

After the floor had been properly repaired and prepared for the concrete polishing process, RetroPlate® was applied to the floor and polished with STI’s FL-07 Series diamond tooling.  Not only were the results a big improvement from what they had started with, but the owner was delivered a “high-end, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and low-maintenance floor,” complete with a mural scored into the floor of “Mother’s Day roses with angel wings embracing the long stems.”

Laurie’s Hair & Spa floors were such a huge hit, their photo was also used as a call for Concrete Polishing Awards entries for 2013 in the March 2013 issue of Concrete Construction Magazine!

ConcreteConstructionMagazine 2012 ConcretePolishing Awards (Blog Photos)6

ConcreteConstructionMagazine 2012 ConcretePolishing Awards (Blog Photos)7

As the pioneer of the polishing industry, the RetroPlate® System has made continual strides in the concrete polishing industry and garnered numerous awards.  As the concrete polishing industry continues to expand and go mainstream, publications like Concrete Surfaces magazine are highlighting outstanding polished concrete projects.

Project winners are selected by a panel of judges who select one winner in each of the eight categories:

  • Commercial
  • Countertops
  • Craftsman
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Residential
  • Retail

To view all 2012 Polished Concrete Award nominees, including the RetroPlate® nominated projects listed below, click here.

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