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WOC 2005 – RetroPlate to Exceed 100 Million Sq. Ft.

| 02/01/2005

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah – Advanced Floor Products of Springville, Utah, created the polished concrete industry when it formulated RetroPlate® in 1996. The RetroPlate System®, a patented process, is the combination of our chemical expertise, along with mechanical grinding and polishing of diamonds. RetroPlate is based on a modified silicate, as opposed to a siliconate. Through independent testing, RetroPlate has shown the capacity to increase the abrasion resistance of a concrete floor by up to 400%, as opposed to the 50-56% increase attributed to siliconates. To control quality, the RetroPlate System is only applied through our network of Certified Applicators who have completed both initial training at our facility in Utah, and annual re-certification classes.

RetroPlate was initially conceived to solve dusting and spalling problems in industrial warehouses due to hard wheeled fork lifts. Today, RetroPlate has gone beyond function to also be used for its design element. RetroPlate floors can be used in conjunction with bare concrete, acid stain, integral color, dry shake hardeners and cementitious terrazzo. RetroPlate qualifies for inclusion in LEED projects from silver through platinum.

A few sectors which embrace RetroPlate:

• Automotive

• Commercial

• Corrections

• Education

• Grocery

• Industrial

• LEED Certified

• Residential

• Restaurant

• Retail / Big Box

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