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| 04/23/2013

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New Website Includes Direct Links for Specifiers, Applicators, General Contractors, and Owners; New Case Study Section, Dedicated Green Section and Interactive Design Your Floor Feature!

SPRINGVILLE, Utah – April 23, 2013 – Curecrete Distribution, Inc. and Advanced Floor Products has launched its newly redesigned website, debuting a fresh and modern design aesthetic, a host of new features, and improved back-end capabilities to ensure current and up-to-date content. Curecrete Distribution, Inc. partnered with Code Greene Web Design & Development to create a website that embodies the RetroPlate® System’s global identity as theWorld Leader in Densified Concrete Polishing, and its commitment to the growing needs of its clients and customers worldwide.


Visitors to the new website will be welcomed by eight rotating images highlighting RetroPlate® System projects throughout the world. The homepage prominently showcases quick links and downloads for specifiers, applicators, contractors and owners, video, rotating testimonials and a live square-feet counter.

Viewers are immediately invited to explore award-winning projects by simply clicking on any photo, video link or testimony featured on the homepage. These proven performance pieces capture the viewer’s attention and leads them to further explore the extensive list of projects and testimonies located in the website’s new Case Studies section.


Since its inception in 1999, the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System has densified and polished more than 165 million square-feet throughout the world. While we know the quality of our floors speak for themselves, the best way to showcase our longstanding performance is through photographs, videos and client testimonies. While competing products on the market today make claims of what their products can do, we show customers how our floors are still as strong and beautiful today as they were when first completed. No other concrete polishing system available on the market today has the history to back their product like the RetroPlate® System. That is why over the years, we have carefully documented and kept detailed records of our work – and now we have the online media capabilities to show it!


A new and exciting feature launching soon on is our interactive Design Center, where everyone from clients to contractors can design their own floor, and get a feel for the beautiful end result of that design. From dyes to finishes, we have all the tools and options to make your design a reality.


Throughout the years, the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System has been nationally recognized for its green qualities, benefits and contributions to the awarding of LEED designations. This dedicated Green section not only showcases the multitude of green projects completed by RetroPlate®, but also provides a wealth of information on how the RetroPlate® System can contribute significantly to LEED silver, gold and platinum awards. The RetroPlate® System is a natural, environmentally friendly product and process, making it the natural answer to your green solutions.

Curecrete Distribution, Inc. and Advanced Floor Products encourage all parties to visit the new The improvements to this site reflect and embody the beauty and stunning results of the RetroPlate® System itself.


Curecrete Distribution, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the Ashford Formula™ and is headquartered in Springville, UT, USA. After purchasing the rights to the Ashford Formula™ in the late 1970s, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. single-handedly built the concrete densification market in the United States and the rest of the world.

While the concept of concrete densification was new to the rest of the world, the Ashford Formula™ had been densifying concrete floors since the late 1940s in the Southwest region of the United States. Now, with more than 60 years of proven performance under its belt, there is no question that the original concrete densifier, the Ashford Formula™, remains the World Leader in the Concrete Densification Industry today.

In 1996, Advanced Floor Products began searching for a way to solve the longstanding issues associated with traditional concrete treatments. When concrete is used as a floor finish, owners will inevitably face the inherent problems associated with concrete – abrasion weakness, porosity, staining, efflorescence, and dusting. Concrete is also not easily cleaned, maintained, nor does it have aesthetic finish.

Historically, the traditional solutions to these problems have been to paint, coat or cover them. Paintings and coatings have very limited lifespans. They eventually wear, scratch and abrade, leaving a messy, difficult-to-clean floor that has to be coated over and over. Countless facility managers and owners were tired of coating their floors year after year, and especially tired of the labor and material costs of having to repeat applications of coatings that would eventually fail and wear away.

The search for a permanent solution to these problems led Advanced Floor Products to create the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System, pioneering the concrete densification and polishing industry. Over 150 million square-feet of concrete has been treated with the RetroPlate® System around the globe. Advanced Floor Products is proud to be the leader in the concrete polishing industry today.

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