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Polishing Inc. Magazine – “LEED Points for Using Concrete”

| 02/15/2013


In an article featured in Polishing, Inc. Magazine’s Winter 2013 issue, Carl Cabot makes a strong case for concrete flooring options and the contributions it can make towards securing LEED points on a project, and of course, it’s benefits to the environment as a whole.

The RetroPlate System®, the Original Concrete Polishing System, has been used on numerous projects that have been awarded LEED Platinum, Gold and Silver awards (click here to see a partial list of LEED Award projects).  There is no doubt that the RetroPlate System’s green and sustainable attributes, and the benefits of choosing concrete floors as a flooring alternative to carpet, tile and other floor coverings, have assisted these projects in attaining these environmental building and design distinctions.

Cabot outlines the following benefits of concrete both during construction and while the building is use.


  • Adaptive Reuse – reuse of the existing building and floor
  • Reduced Materials Consumption – no need for additional floor coverings/materials
  • Local Sourcing – material sourced less than 500 miles away
  • VOCs – no VOCs during concrete life cycle
  • Indoor Air Quality – concrete does not emit gases or vapors
  • Hazardous Waste – no hazardous waste produced by concrete placement


  • Energy Consumption – concrete retains heat energy and releases it slowly
  • Long Life Cycle – concrete can easily last 100 years+

For more information on the RetroPlate System and how it, and other products manufactured by Curecrete Distribution, Inc. can contribute to LEED points, please contact us.

To read the article in it’s entirety, click here – Winter 2013 Issue | Volume 1 | Number 1 | Pages 23 – 26.

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