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| 03/02/2015



SPRINGVILLE, Utah – March 2, 2014 – Advanced Floor Products is pleased and excited to announce the launch of its new RetroPlate Diamond Tools Web Store which can now be found on  The web store can be accessed directly from the main menu bar by clicking on the “Diamonds & Dyes” link or by clicking on the direct link provided:

This web store will serve as an invaluable tool and convenient resource for customers for two significant reasons:

  1. Photos and item codes to ensure more accurate ordering and shipping of products.
  2. Freedom to order on any day, at any time.

As part of this initial launch, only the Top 25 most popular selling diamonds and accessories can be found online.  For orders containing products listed on the web store, as well as items that are NOT available online, please email orders directly to Advanced Floor Products’ Customer Care Team at [email protected].  Please include photos and item codes, or even direct links from the web store as references, while including detailed descriptions for all other items not found online.  It is always helpful to provide item codes from previous sales orders to improve ordering and shipping accuracy.

As always, please feel free to contact Brak Carmen, Tooling Sales Specialist at 801-360-7592 with questions regarding diamond tools and ordering procedures.

Advanced Floor Products is committed to improving the web store and adding more tools in the future. Please take some time to review and become familiar with this new resource and invite your customers and associates to pay a visit as well.


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