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California Academy of Sciences, CA, USA
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Chemically reactive concrete stabilizer; enhances concrete density and hardness, allowing floor to be finished to a high cosmetic, marble-like sheen.

In addition to bare concrete, the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System® works successfully with integral color, acid stains, dyes, dry shake hardeners and cementitious terrazzo.


  • New, bare concrete
  • Old, deteriorating, dusting floors
  • Dull, rough, pitted or raw-looking concrete
  • Overlays, toppings or expensive recoatings are required
  • Marble-like, hard shell, maintenance free finish is desired


The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System allows for a selection of four floor finishes:

  • Level 1     Surface preparation, no clarity (below 100 grit)
  • Level 2     Hard-shell, satin finish (400 grit)
  • Level 3     Hard-shell, medium sheen finish (800 grit)
  • Level 4     Light reflective, mirror finish (1800 grit)

Different levels of grinding can be light to heavy depending on the desire level of exposed aggregate:

  • Class A – Cream | No exposed aggregate
  • Class B – Salt and Pepper | 1/16″ exposed sand, small aggregate
  • Class C – Medium Aggregate | 1/8 – 1/4″ exposed aggregate
  • Class D – Heavy Aggregate | 1/4 – 1/2″ exposed aggregate



  • Test #1 – General Testing
  • Test #2 – Coefficient of Friction
  • Test #3 – Abrasion and Impact Strength Testing


One of the many advantages of the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System is the fact that it is safe for the environment and safe for applicators, installers and customers.

The RetroPlate System® is completely water-based and contains:

  • NO solvents
  • NO VOCs
  • NO harmful vapors
  • NO harmful fumes
  • NO toxic ingredients.

Use of the RetroPlate System requires:

  • NO protective clothing, and
  • NO breathing apparatus.


  • Retro-Plate

  • Main Brochure pdf
  • Maintenance pdf
  • Sample Comparison pdf
  • Warranty Sample pdf
  • Technical Info

  • 03660 Spec pdf doc
  • ANSI - B101.1 pdf
  • ANSI B101.3 pdf
  • Data Sheet pdf
  • CE Certificate pdf
  • Chemical Resistance Rating pdf
  • Electrical Conductivity Test pdf
  • HPD v1.0 pdf
  • HPD v2.1 pdf
  • LEED Indoor Emission Test pdf
  • Reach SDS (English) pdf
  • SDS (US) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-FR) pdf
  • SDS (DE) pdf
  • SDS (FR) pdf
  • Test 1: General Testing pdf
  • Test 2: Coeff. of Friction pdf
  • Test 3: Abrasion & Impact pdf
  • TUV SUD TM14 pdf
  • VOC EPA 24 pdf
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