The Retroplate System

Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY, USA
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The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System® is the innovative combination of diamond grinding, polishing, and the RetroPlate® densifier. Advanced Floor Products was the first in the concrete polishing industry to combine the effects of diamond grinding and polishing with a one-application densifying sealer.

Historically, concrete floor owners had few low cost options to protect and beautify their floors. The RetroPlate System emerged to give owners the benefits of coating without ever having to reapply.

The results?  A patented means to permanently strengthen concrete floors that delivers a highly abrasion resistant, dustproofed surface with increased impact resistance and reflectivity. With the RetroPlate System, problem floors are a thing of the past!

Whether your floors are old or new, industrial, commercial or architectural, the RetroPlate System is designed to meet your unique specifications.

Whatever your needs, the RetroPlate System have you covered!

  • Up to 400% increase in abrasion resistance
  • Up to 21% increase in impact resistance
  • Up to 30% increase in light reflectivity
  • Meets OSHA & ADA SCOF standards to 800 grit finish
  • LEED Qualified in Multiple Areas
  • Spec: Section 03360 – Special Concrete Floor Finish


  • Retro-Plate

  • Main Brochure pdf
  • Maintenance pdf
  • Sample Comparison pdf
  • Warranty Sample pdf
  • Technical Info

  • 03660 Spec pdf doc
  • ANSI - B101.1 pdf
  • ANSI B101.3 pdf
  • Data Sheet pdf
  • CE Certificate pdf
  • Chemical Resistance Rating pdf
  • Electrical Conductivity Test pdf
  • HPD v1.0 pdf
  • HPD v2.1 pdf
  • LEED Indoor Emission Test pdf
  • Reach SDS (English) pdf
  • SDS (US) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-FR) pdf
  • SDS (DE) pdf
  • SDS (FR) pdf
  • Test 1: General Testing pdf
  • Test 2: Coeff. of Friction pdf
  • Test 3: Abrasion & Impact pdf
  • TUV SUD TM14 pdf
  • VOC EPA 24 pdf
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