Company History

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In 1996, Advanced Floor Products began searching for a way to solve the longstanding issues associated with traditional concrete treatments. When concrete is used as a floor finish, owners will inevitably face the inherent problems associated with concrete – abrasion weakness, porosity, staining, efflorescence, and dusting. Concrete is also not easily cleaned, maintained, nor does it have aesthetic finish.

Historically, the traditional solutions to these problems have been to paint, coat or cover them. Paintings and coatings have very limited lifespans. They eventually wear, scratch and abrade, leaving a messy, difficult-to-clean floor that has to be coated over and over. Countless facility managers and owners were tired of coating their floors year after year, and especially tired of the labor and material costs of having to repeat applications of coatings that would eventually fail and wear away.

The search for a permanent solution to these problems led Advanced Floor Products to create the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®, pioneering the concrete densification and polishing industry. Over 150 million square feet of concrete has been treated with the RetroPlate System around the globe. Advanced Floor Products is proud to be the leader in the concrete polishing industry today.

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